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Michael Lydon: Guestbook

cody dingess

March 10, 2008

i love your book about ray charels i stubled on it in my college library thank you im now writing a book report on it thank you for sharing this story with me

Cath Young

February 6, 2008

Hi Michael,
I'm looking for a different Michael Lydon in London but thought I'd take a look at you website. Great music! I've never heard of you before until now. I'm adding you to my favourites. Best of luck

Cath Young

Ruth Adkins Robinson

December 2, 2007

Had to pick up your RC book again as some jerk has sent out an email saying that 'one of Ray's ex-wives' has died and invited all to 'read the books' which proved that she was an 'anchor' in his career. i sent him an email that says she wasn't a wife, nor an achor, i read the books! oh, it was Mae Lyles. best, RAR


October 21, 2007

its realy an honor to sibmit on the guestbook of a great writer with an impresive career like you

Larry (Larry Cooke) Brakefield

March 20, 2007

Read your book "Rock Folk" in the 70s and found it last week in my storage boxes. Read most of it again. I'm 64 now so I read a lot in the "can." I played rock guitar from 1958 till 1977. Mostly California. Played San Francisco in 65 & 66. Do the "El Cid" and "Big Al's" ring a bell? How 'bout Carol Doda? Must have ran into you along the way. Great times. I feel like I know you because you're from the same ilk as me & my pals. We worked out of Local 47 in LA. Keep on truckin' man and I'll see you somewhere sometime. You looking and sounding great....LarryB

Zick Rubin

March 10, 2007

I was here. Couldn't sleep, went downstairs, checked my Facebook account, and there you were. Website looks great. Zick


February 8, 2007

Hello! Shuna linked here from her blog. She's a unique and wonderful person who's writing has made me laugh, cry, swoon and salivate. I can only imagine how proud of her you must be. Thank you for your part in making her the wonderful person she is today.

Now I'll go read more about you and listen to your music.

tim lydon

April 3, 2006

hi! It is so cool to be writing to you. I am 11 years old and I found your book, Flashbacks, at the library. I was surprised to find another Lydon. I live in Minnesota. There are not many Lydons here.I am a big fan of Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Hope to talk to you again.
Tim Lydon


March 9, 2006

I had Michael Lydon visit my school on 3/9/06. I just wanted to say, me and my friends really loved his music and thought his career was awesome. And his guitar is freaking cool.

Greg Greenhalgh

February 23, 2006

Great web site featuring a great writer, great singer and all round great guy! If you’re visiting this site and haven’t yet read Mr Lydon’s “Ray Charles – Man and Music” get a copy quick. Brilliantly researched, opinionated and wonderfully scripted, this book is by far the best biog’ available on the life of the “Genius” Ray Charles. Greg & Gill Papcastle, England
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