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Michael Lydon: Links

Franklin Street Press
This is the site for Franklin Street Press, a publishing company founded by Michael Lydon to publish his own books on music, writing, and philosophy. Twenty books are in the Franklin St Press bookstore,, each with a lengthy excerpt to give interested readers a sense of each book.
YouTube--Michael Lydon channel
This is the URL of my YouTube channel where you can see all my videos, both music and comedy.
Visual Thesaurus
Visual Thesaurus is a great site for anyone who loves words and writing. Michael Lydon writes often on the site.
Rock's Backpages
A great site for all kinds of writing about rock 'n' roll, pop, and blues music. Much of my writing is featured there
My partner's site! Hear her music and read about her work.
Pamela Bob
Pamela Bob is a wonderful singer/actor who has performed and recorded numerous songs by Michael Lydon. ""I love how Pamela sings my stuff," says Lydon, "she gets right to the heart of every lyric."
Great food blog by a first-class chef; well-written and with mouthwatering recipes and photos
Routledge Books
Routledge has published RAY CHARLES: MAN & MUSIC, my big biography of the Genius; Routledge has also published my books, FLASHBACKS and SONGWRITING SUCCESS--type "Michael Lydon" in search and my books will come up.
Great book site where you can find many of Michael Lydon's books
Reed Robins
Reed Robins is a composer and digital recording whiz with a studio near Union Square in NYC. I've recorded and edited music with Reed often. He does superb work.
The Source Unltd
The Source is hippest copy shop in the East Village--great quality, great prices, great folks, and a great hang!
St Marks Bookshop
St Marks Bookshop is the best independent bookstore in New York's East Village, great books, helpful staff, and customers who include the many writers, musicians, actors, thinkers, activists who make the neighborhood an exciting place to work and create.
McNally Jackson Books
An excellent bookstore right off Broadway in Soho. A super collection of books and the home of the EBM, a machine that makes books while you wait--very exciting for DIY writers and small publishers.
Third Street Music School Settlement
An excellent neighborhood music school in NYC--where I have taught for years.