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Michael Lydon: Buy

How to Play Classic Jazz Guitar - jazz guitar instruction book

Michael Lydon's new book that sums up his approach to playing jazz guitar. A practical book with many clear and easy-to-understand examples and illustrations--plus an instructional CD.
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Kuncee Bungratcee Cheena - CD

My new CD, featuring my nutty new song, "Kuncee Bungratcee Cheena," and including five other great songs, including "Midnight in Manhattan," "You and Me," "Forever Love," and "Such a Tender Touch."

Love at First Sight - CD

Original ballads, blues and bossas, with my great band; my first CD, very mellow
Buy "Love at First Sight" on CD Baby!

Mike on Mike - CD

A CD of fifteen of my songs, recorded solo
Buy "Mike on Mike" at CD Baby!

Ray Charles: Man and Music - a biography of the Genius

This is my best known book, and it's widely available at Amazon and other online bookstores, as well as "real" bookstores and libraries. This is a fine book that many critics have called Charles' "definitive biography."

Franklin Street Press

I have self-published numerous books of my writing through Franklin Street Press.

NOW WHAT? a philosophy of freedom and equality

WRITING AND LIFE essays on the art of writing

BAD WRITING an essay on what makes writing bad

OPPOSITES AND OFFBEATS two essays on writing

REAL WRITING essays on realism: Balzac, Trollope, Eliot, Dreiser, James Jones, and Solzhenitsyn

LET THE LITTLE COME OUT OF THE BIG an approach to playing the guitar
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