Hi, I'm Michael Lydon, the Handsomest Man in the World, singer-songwriter, whistler extraordinaire, and a writer of great books. So glad you found my site--take a look around!!

Maybe you'd like me to play a gig, solo or with a band--well, here you can find a sample of my music from my three CDs--and find out how to buy them.

Maybe you've heard of my book, RAY CHARLES: MAN & MUSIC, or you've heard of me as a rock writer and want to hear about my other writing or the early days of Rolling Stone.

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My short book, The Rolling Stones Discover America,an eyewitness account of the Stones' '69 tour that ended at Altamont, is both a Kindle Single and an audio book! Find the link to Amazon on my News/Video page. Buy my other books at Amazon and McNally/Jackson books in Soho. Also, please check out my writing/publishing site, FRANKLINSTPRESS.COM--see "Links" for the link that will take you there.  

In any case, you've come to the right place--WELCOME!