Franklin Street Press launched!

For years Michael Lydon has published numerous books of essays on writing and music, formating the books himself, pasting them up, and printing them at a nearby copy center. This year Lydon is moving his publishing into the digital age. He has already published one book, Now What?, as an elegant, slim paperback; a song book, Sing the Song Again!, is due this month, and a third, Real Writing, will be out in November. "I find this very exciting," says Lydon. "Now the books have bar codes and ISBN numbers. As soon as possible I'll get them up on Amazon where anyone can find and buy them. As part of his publishing upgrade, Lydon has needed to come up with a new name for his publishing company. For years it's been Patrick Press. But under that name he couldn't get a "doing business as" certificate, so now the company is called FRANKLIN STREET PRESS. "Here's to Franklin Street Press," said Lydon today, lifting a glass of champagne, "Long may it wave!" Franklin Street Press website: Or, you may ask questions or order books through this site's contact page.

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