New Rolling Stones audio book!

Hachette Audio is releasing "The Rolling Stones Discover America," Michael Lydon's eyewitness account of the 1969 Rolling Stones tour of America that ended in the disastrous concert at Altamont, as an audio book. Lydon narrated the audio book and played the intro and transitional music. Release date: December 3, 2013. "I'm thrilled about this," says Lydon. "Last year the same text came out as an ebook from Kindle Single, and now it's an audio book. That people still want to read and listen to my writing decades after I wrote it means a lot to me." Lydon narrated the book after getting coaching from several experienced actors and book readers. "I also read the text several times aloud and did all kinds of vocal exercises to fine tune my articulation and build up my stamina. Reading aloud for three hours can be exhausting!" Here's the URL for the audio book on Amazon:

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